What is a Multi-Sensory Environment?
"This Multi-Sensory Environment is passive therapeutic."

A Multi-Sensory Environment uses different elements to stimulate all senses, creating a beneficial experience for people with autism or other developmental disorders, brain injuries or mental illnesses.

Strategic lighting, sounds, textures, colors and smells are combined into one space to deliver a nonconventional and soothing sensory experience to the occupant.

A Multi-Sensory Environment allows individuals with developmental disorders to explore at their own pace, in a secure manner, without rules or direction.

Benefits of Multi-Sensory Environments

Multi-Sensory Environments provide a soothing and stimulating atmosphere for individuals living with developmental disorders.

Because individuals with an autism spectrum disorder respond to sensory experiences differently than individuals without disabilities, Multi-Sensory Environments are designed specifically with their needs in mind.

These environments deliver a therapeutic experience that can help individuals with developmental disorders by activating all their senses in a controlled and secure environment. Multi-Sensory Environments have shown to measurably improve the mood, temperament and attitudes of some individuals affected with developmental disabilities, and may provide behavioral improvement to some people.